Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Period of Friendship: Mexia and the Ais Indians

At the moment this writing project at this site is a landing page for work in progress.

Most of the content for this story is contained at a Wikipedia entry on Alvaro Mexia. Researchers and writers are welcome to add to the article.

This is a historical research and writing project in progress. These accounts will be used for an oral presentation by reenactors for a Heritage Day event planned for March 23rd, 2013. The plan for the event is to engage both visual arts with other forms of expression including performing arts around the historical period when the Europeans met the indigenous tribes of Florida. Scholarly and constructive advice is always welcome.

This writing project first started with an article the author published years ago called 96 Skeletons

The Ais Indian Nation Geocache marks the spot where six mounds of these Indians were found. A beautiful and tranquil point of interest in a small city park in Cape Canaveral.